SOULL – Sources of Language and Law is an open online platform to provide selected information about past and recent research activities of legal linguistics. The platform was initiated by Prof. Dr. Friedemann Vogel (Siegen, Germany) in the winter 2019 and cooperates with the „Heidelberg Group of Legal Linguistics“ and the International Language and Law Association (ILLA)

Editor and Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Friedemann Vogel
University of Siegen, Germany
Computer Assisted Socio- and Discourse Linguistics
Hölderlinstraße 3 / R. H-D 4203
57068 Siegen
Tel: +49 (0) 271-740 5137
Web: https://www.diskurslinguistik.net (German)
E-Mail: friedemann.vogel #at# uni-siegen.de 

Editorial Team

The content of this platform has been produced with support by Marie Briese, Denis Gerner, Josephine König and Joline Schmallenbach.


SOULL was sponsored by the lawyer Dr. iur. Dr. phil Ralph Christensen (Mannheim, Germany), the co-founder of the oldest research group of legal legal linguistics (Heidelberer Gruppe der Rechtslinguistik).

If you also want to support this project, please contact to Prof. Dr. Friedemann Vogel.

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