International Bibliography of Language and Law (IBLL)

The IBLL offers you bibliographic references to currently (v1.1 beta, Dec 2020) almost 4000 relevant publications on international language and law research. The focus of the bibliography is on contributions that explore the constitutive relationship between language and law; it is constantly being expanded. For future versions an extended search and a rough thematic indexing of all bibliographic entries is planned. If you miss important titles or want to add your own publications to the database, please follow the »instructions below. The use of the database is free of charge. However, if you use it, we ask you to include a reference to the source in your publications (»how to cite). If you want to be informed regularly about new content, please »subscribe to the SOULL newsletter.

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To search the SOULL database, please use the public platform of Zotero. In the future, we try to provide a search form directly at this page.

Please note: This database is still in development (beta version) and is maintained by a few people in their spare time. Please understand, if entries of the database are still displayed incorrectly or contain gaps at this time. We are always grateful for any comments on errors; please use the contact form or e-mail.

How to cite this ressource?

International Bibliography of Language and Law (2020-), edited by Sources of Language and Law (SOULL) / Friedemann Vogel, University of Siegen. Online available at [Date of last access].

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How to add your own references?

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If you are missing relevant literature in IBLL, would like to suggest individual entries or submit entire lists of publications (including your own work), you are welcome to send us the data. Please note the following:

  • You are welcome to send us individual title suggestions as plain text in an e-mail.
  • If you would like to suggest more than one title, please send us the data exclusively in a standardized bibliography format, for example as BibTeX, RiS, RDF [Zotero] or CTV (Citavi). This is the only way we can guarantee a timely review and inclusion in the database. If you do not use a reference management program, export your entries in the BibTeX format using an existing library database or format each title using an online BibTeX generator and send us the output as a text file.
  • In any case, please make sure that all information is complete (especially regarding authors/editors (including first names), year/date, title, place/publisher or journal, page numbers, ISBN, URL, if applicable) and correct.
  • If you have any questions, please contact us.